The Art Of Problem Solving with a 4 Step Process

We all have problems to solve every once in awhile. While its true, some more than others, we all still have them. Problem solving skills are sought after by everyone who wants to be successful. Why do you thing these skills are so important? Because problems will arise and being able to solve them quickly … Read more

Don’t Close Yourself Off To Life

Life is full of opportunities to take advantage of. You could sit around closed off to everything or you could take advantage of opportunity and become open to life. What does it mean to be open to life? To accept everything that happens to you and let life flow it’s natural course. We all have … Read more

Saying An Incantation Instead Of An Affirmation

Affirmations are great resources for getting something stuck in your mind. You can repeat a phrase over and over again until your mind begins to believe it and it effects your body and physiology. What if you could do something just like an affirmation, but hundreds of times stronger? That something is called an incantation. … Read more

Make Life Into A Competition

Life can be challenging at times. Getting what you want out of life can be even harder. Making things into a competition either known or unknown is a great way to make some quick and rewarding progress. Let’s say for example you wanted to lose weight. You could get all of your friends on board … Read more