10 Motivation Killers That Are Dragging You Down

“I’ll just begin tomorrow.” Whether it’s the time, to begin with, a healthier lifestyle using a new diet or a workout routine. Or initiating the plan to become more organized and strategic, beginning a pending research/essay/exam preparation or simply undertake any new challenge that needs to be fulfilled, we often hear ourselves utter this phrase … Read more

15 Time Management Secrets – Time To Manage Yourself!

Time management involves the ability to allocate and distribute your time systematically and logically between several duties that you are assigned to undertake. If you can effectively administer your time, not only will you benefit from increased productivity, but you’ll also ensure that all your required tasks are completed even under enhanced levels of pressures … Read more

12 Tips To Beat Fear and Succeed In Work, Business, and Life

Fear can be very crippling; almost to the point where it destroys your potential. Fear can manifest itself in a myriad of ways, one of which is hindering you from working to the fullest. This, in turn, could not only affect your business, but also your life. Don’t worry, though. We have the answer to … Read more

10 Tips To Increase Your Sense Of Humor

Life can be fun and entertaining if you know how to let it. To become truly happy you must have a sense of humor. For some of us this comes naturally and for others we might have to work a little to unlock it. It’s a great tool to turn something bad into something good … Read more

The Art Of Problem Solving with a 4 Step Process

We all have problems to solve every once in awhile. While its true, some more than others, we all still have them. Problem solving skills are sought after by everyone who wants to be successful. Why do you thing these skills are so important? Because problems will arise and being able to solve them quickly … Read more

Saying An Incantation Instead Of An Affirmation

Affirmations are great resources for getting something stuck in your mind. You can repeat a phrase over and over again until your mind begins to believe it and it effects your body and physiology. What if you could do something just like an affirmation, but hundreds of times stronger? That something is called an incantation. … Read more